Funds Raised

Kinder Trust is a registered trust functioning with the effort & under the guidance of very committed trustees along with the large support base of volunteers, working together to the best of their ability. offering service to society, especially those who are in helpless conditions, be it due to physical /mental disability or dire financial crisis. The objectives of this trust shall be carried out without any distinction of community, religion, caste or creed to the best of it’s ability.

The main objectives
• To provide help and succor to the needy persons with disability, physically / mentally challenged, whether adult or child. Assisting in medical investigation, treatment, surgical procedures, arranging prosthetics, calipers, equipment and rehabilitation of such persons, so as to enable them to be mobile, independent and self-sufficient in their lives.
• To provide relief to the needy by extending appropriate support for the advancement and propagation of education, providing scholarships and prizes, more specifically vocational training for women, men and youth.
• To provide medical assistance to the extremely economically weak sections of society,
• To provide necessary assistance in the execution of ceremonial last rites to unclaimed or unwanted human bodies, in coordination with the police department, Municipalities and religious institutions.
• Organizing greening initiatives, arranging talks by environmentalists, promoting projects specifically in solid waste management, water conservation support, sapling plantation drives and environment care preferably with the involvement of children.
We look forward to attract unlimited number of volunteers that can help us in any way what so ever in achieving our objectives and together making the world a better place !